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Laws and Regulations in Canada and/or Ontario may differ from your Home State.  The following Laws, Regulations and Camp Rules must be adhered to at all times.

The list is subject to error or change at any time. 

  1. Remember to buy your fishing license in Ear Falls (or anywhere in Ontario, Canada) before coming to our landing for pickup.   We do not sell Hunting or Fishing Licenses at Camp.

  2. Non-Resident Fishing Licenses are quite reasonably priced.  The 7-Day License is the most popular option.  Cost is $35.00 Canadian Money.  Full Season License is $55.00 Canadian.  Full Season Couple License is $80.00 Canadian.  The cost of a license for a child under 16 years of age is the same as an adult, but is an optional purchase.  If you choose not to purchase a license for a child they must be accompanied by a licensed adult and their fish count in that adult's limit.  

  3. When purchasing your Hunting or Fishing License, Request the Regulations Book.

  4. Limits:  Remember fish you have in the boat, plus the ones in the freezer, plus the ones you ate today count towards your limit.  Daily Limit and Possession Limit are one in the same.  Walleye: limit 4 of which 1 trophy 18+ inches; Northern: limit 4, all but one trophy must be under 27 1/2 inches.  Trophy minimum size is 35 1/2 inches; Small Mouth: limit 4; Muskie: limit 1.   If you need clarification on this, please ask.  Be sure to bring a tape measure.

  5. Fishing and/or Hunting Regulations will be gone over by Naughty Pines Fish Camp staff upon arrival at Camp.

  6. Hunters:  Remember you must bring with you your present and/or past hunting license or your gun safety certificate card showing you have successfully completed an approved gun safety course.  No license agent can issue  you a license without this requirement being met.

  7. We provide minnows within your fishing package.  Night crawlers are excellent alternative bait you may bring into camp.   Crawlers must be packed in artificial worm bedding, they are not allowed into Ontario in peat moss or natural soil.  Minnows, Smelt, Chad, Ciscos, and Leeches are not permitted across the US/Canada border (imported from USA) in any form. 

  8. We insist you not exceed your limit of fish.  We do not want any of your excess fish when you leave.

  9. Watch your Trophy Lengths and Limits.

  10. Practice Catch & Release.  It will grow on you.

  11. No handguns allowed in Canada.

  12. No Radar Detectors allowed in Canada.   This is strictly enforced by radar-detecting radars.

  13. Trigger guards required on hunting rifles and shotguns in transit.

  14. Open container laws are strictly enforced while driving on Canadian roads by inspection.

  15. Proof of auto insurance must be carried within your vehicle.  Tell your insurance agent that you are traveling to Canada, they will provide you with what you need.

  16. American Citizens are permitted into Canada without Visa's or Passports.  Identification (Drivers License or Birth Certificate) may be asked for upon entry.  Parents and/or Guardians bringing children must bring a copy of each child's birth certificate.

  17. You may bring one liter of Hard Liquor OR one liter of Wine OR one case (24-12 oz cans or bottles) Beer into Canada, Duty Free per legal age adult.  You may bring one carton (10 packs) cigarettes into Canada, Duty Free per legal age adult.

  18. There must be an approved personal flotation device in the boat for each person on board at all times while on the water.   Approved personal flotation device must be coast guard approved life jackets, vests and/or seat cushions.

  19. Be a conservationist.  Don't waste fish or bait.

  20. No littering at all.  Not in the water, not at shore lunch site, not at the landing, not within the camp.

Think safety first on the water

  1. Get off the water before dark
  2. Have a coast guard approved life jacket, life vest or seat cushion for each member of your party in the boat.  Correct sizing is important.
  3. No single (one person) alone in NPFC rental boats
  4. Have with you in the boat: signaling whistle, floating flashlight and waterproof matches in a waterproof container
  5. Tell others where you are going to fish and approximate time of your return.  Stress the latest time of your return.  If you don't return on time, NPFC staff will go looking for you.

Fire Safety

  1. Build your shore lunch fires on a rock away from dry grass and dry pine trees.
  2. Thoroughly drown out fires and hot coals leaving no heat or smoke.
  3. Smokers please be careful with cigarette butts.  Don't discard on the ground.
  4. Show caution inside our woodframe cabins with Lantern, Stoves, Heaters and Cigarettes.


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